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Tax Lawyers in Toronto

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What is a Tax Lawyer?

Anyone who has ever dealt with Revenue Canada when it thinks you are hiding income or are otherwise not complying with the tax laws knows it is foolish to try to take it on alone.

Tax Lawyers don’t do your taxes. They are not bookkeepers or accountants. Tax Lawyers exist for one reason and that is to shield you when Revenue Canada has you in its sights. Actually, of course, Tax Lawyers do much more than just defend you when Revenue Canada comes calling, but we’re sure you get our point.

Even if you know you’ve been caught red-handed, as it were, if the amount of money Revenue Canada is demanding is (in your eyes) substantial, hire a Tax Lawyer to speak on your behalf. There are lots of ways a Tax Lawyer can help even if you do owe back taxes. He or she can negotiate fines and often get you a significant break. They can also negotiate terms of payment that will make the situation financially manageable, if not entirely pain-free.

When Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you run a business, you will want to consult with a Tax Lawyer with some regularity to ensure that your affairs continue to be organized in a way that minimizes your tax burden. Tax avoidance is perfectly lawful. Tax evasion is not.

As well, if you have substantial personal or family assets or unexpectedly inherit a good-sized sum of money from your beloved spinster great-aunt’s will, you will also want to have a Tax Lawyer review your affairs from time to time for the same reason, to make sure there isn’t anything you should be doing to keep to the legal minimum the amount of tax you pay each year.