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Small Claims Court Lawyers in Toronto

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What is a Small Claims Lawyer?

Small Claims Law is not an area of law like Criminal Law or Family Law. Small Claims refers to Small Claims Court.

Small Claims Court is a court (i.e., you will appear before a judge) that deals with Civil suits (i.e., not Criminal matters; primarily contractual disputes between individuals or individuals and companies) where the amount of money is relatively modest ($35,000 and under).

Many Small Claims Court matters involve a complaint by a consumer against a retail store or service provider. If you brought your car in for repair, for example, but afterwards it doesn’t appear that whatever the repair shop did corrected the problem, you may have to resort to Small Claims Court to get your money back.

Law firms that offer Litigation Law services are often happy to accept Small Claims cases because they provide a good opportunity for law students or junior lawyers to learn their craft. As long as you understand that your representative will be relatively inexperienced in such instances and the fees you are paying reflect that, this is a great way to get legal assistance for an important matter that does not involve a lot of money (at least in the eyes of a lawyer.) Your representative may be inexperienced, but they will have legal training and therefore an understanding of the legal issues and the rules of evidence and so forth. They will also have an office full of more senior and experienced associates whose brains they can pick while preparing your case. And, of course, they will be highly motivated.

Paralegals also handle a large percentage of Small Claims cases. Many law firms have litigation-focused paralegals on staff to handle just the sort of matters that are naturally within the purview of Small Claims Courts.