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Insurance Lawyers in Toronto

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What is an Insurance Lawyer?

As their name suggests Insurance Lawyers handle matters involving insurance policies. Many, of course, work for insurance companies. Others are in private practice but their clients are also primarily insurance companies. These lawyers tend to get involved in complex matters involving disputes between insurance companies. As an example, if an airplane crashes, lawsuits will be filed by the family members of passengers who died in the crash. The airline, the company whose job was to inspect and maintain the aircraft, the companies that manufactured the various pieces of equipment on the plane that may have failed and caused the crash will all be insured. It can take years and thousands of hours of investigation and, often, litigation to sort out what caused the crash and therefore which defendants’ insurance company is responsible to pay out claims. Oftentimes, that responsibility ends up being shared by several insurance companies.

Most people will need an Insurance Lawyer if they have a claim for coverage under a policy they’ve been paying for, often for years, that is denied. Many claims, of course, relate to car accidents, but claims also arise under homeowner’s insurance policies, as well as life and disability policies.

When Do I Need a Lawyer?

Insurance companies are not dishonest organizations, and a very high percentage of claims are paid with a minimum of fuss or resistance. They are, however, profit-making businesses with shareholders to answer to, so an insurance company will always act first in its own interest. A policyholder whose home has been damaged in a fire or a driver involved in an accident will not always get the benefit of the doubt.

If your insurance company denies a claim or proposes to pay out less than your loss or what you believe you should be getting, it is time to contact an Insurance Lawyer. Make sure to bring your policy and all estimates for repairs and any other related documents with you to your first meeting. And if your home, car, or other property is damaged, be sure to take pictures or videos of the damage before clean-up or repairs have begun. They can be an invaluable record of the basis for your claim.