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Employment Lawyers in Toronto

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What is Employment Law?

Employment Law covers a great many topics that define the relations between employers and employees. It includes all areas of employment that are covered by specific laws because any time there is a law covering a relationship between parties like employers and employees, there are going to be disputes.

For instance, Employment Lawyers are likely to be involved in a dispute about whether or not an employer has complied with the Employment Standards Act in a particular situation, the Occupational Health and Safety Act in a different situation, or the Ontario Human Rights Code in a third.

Employment Lawyers are usually required in Workers’ Safety and Insurance matters. They can even be required if there is a dispute about the benefits employees are entitled to under the company’s group benefits plan.

As well, if a company’s employees are unionized, both the company and the union will employ Employment Lawyers to help negotiate collective agreements and resolve or litigate disputes.

Employment Lawyers act for both employees and employers in disputes. Many specialize in representing employees (and unions) while others prefer to work on the management side.

When Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you are an employer, it will always be wise to consult with an Employment Lawyer before taking action to terminate an employee or laying off a group of employees. Many employers will also consult with an Employment Lawyer before terminating an employee who may be in a position to assert a Human Rights claim, even if such a claim would have no basis in fact.

All Employment Lawyers can also be considered Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers. If you are an employee who has been terminated and you think you were not provided with sufficient termination pay, or if you think your employer discriminated against you in violation of the Human Rights Code, or even if you are not sure if your employer did anything wrong but it just doesn’t feel right, contact an Employment Lawyer.